5 Easy Tips for Long Healthy Hair

5 Easy Tips for Long Healthy Hair

Growing and maintaining long healthy hair isn’t always easy. All those awkward in-between stages we have to deal with throughout the hair growth journey are frankly, a bit of a nightmare. Trust me, I’m still trying to grow-out a stubborn regret of a fringe that I had cut in over a year ago now! However, over the years, I have mastered a bit of a routine which has worked for me. A handful of easy tips that I find myself always coming back to when I’m asked about my hair.

Wash in Cold Water

Sounds odd, and a little uncomfortable. But if you can stand it, try washing your hair in cold water. Even if it’s just to wash out your conditioner, or a final blast through just before stepping out of the shower. The cold water helps to seal your cuticles, hold in moisture, and generally reduce any frizz. I always find I have fewer knots to deal with afterwards too!

Dry with a Cooler Temperature

Okay so, you probably think I’m trying to punish you now. I know, once again, not a pleasant sounding idea. Honestly, just wack your dryer down to a medium temperature, it makes a world of a difference. Granted, it takes a bit longer on a morning – but I usually use this time to browse Reddit or ASOS’s new-in page. As with the cold water, the benefits are pretty similar. My hair always feels more manageable afterwards, and a hella’ less fluffy!

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Use a Good Brush

Honestly, what did we do before Tangle Teezer style brushes? They really do help to brush out those knots without taking chunks of hair with them. It’s important to look after your hair when brushing, especially when wet. Wet hair becomes more elasticated, which can result in breakage if not looked after correctly. If you struggle with knots, get yourself a detangling spray to help with brushing. I use Mane & Tail Detangler, or Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance.

Condition for Longer

Once you have found a good shampoo and conditioner combo that works for you, take advantage. Leave the conditioner on for as long as possible. I jump in the shower and wash my hair before anything else, so then I can leave the conditioner on right up to the end of my shower. Never just wash the conditioner straight out, even if you only have 5 minutes to spare. Soak those locks!

Don’t Skip Your Trims

Now, I’m not saying to have your hair cut all of the time, but don’t underestimate how good a little trim is for your locks. I really don’t have mine trimmed that often at all, literally a few months apart. But, when I see the ends looking a bit shabby, and my hand doesn’t quite brush through them as easily, I know it’s time for a trim. Healthier ends have more of a fighting chance to grow without breaking off and peeling further up your strands!

5 tips for long healthy hair

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