5 Tips to Save Money Whilst Shopping

Stephi Eliza Save Money Shopping

5 Tips to Save Money Whilst Shopping

There’s something satisfying about saving money, even if it’s only a pound or two. Taking away that purchase for a discounted price just feels like an accomplishment. If you can go home with the same item, but for a lower price, then why not? I know sometimes, I question myself whether to even make an order if there’s not a discount involved! It’s a little cheeky I know, but all of those extra pounds you’ve saved all add up! I thought I would share a few of my money saving tips, especially with Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the horizon!

Discount Codes & Where to find them

Let’s start with the obvious. I’m sure we are all familiar a good old discount code! Dependent on the brand, there will more than likely be a money-off code hiding somewhere. If you’re shopping on a desktop browser, then download the Honey plug-in to your browser pronto. Honey will automatically search for codes when you are on a site. Click the plug-in to try all of the codes found automatically in the checkout, leaving the highest discounted one there for you. A total time saver! Alongside this, if I’m on my phone shopping on an app, I will search Google with a term like ‘[Brand Name] Discount Code’. From there I’ll visit websites such as Voucher Codes to manually find a money-off code. If this fails you, go to Twitter and look at the latest tweets for a similar search term to see whether any online hero has done you a favour. If you’re still searching, you can always sign up to the brand’s newsletter to see whether they are offering any first-order deals!

Stephi Eliza Save Money Shopping

Find Yourself a Sample Sale

They’re real I promise you! You just have to keep an eye out for them. Facebook events are a great way to find out about local sample sales, but you can keep an eye on the brand on social media too. As soon as you find out where sample sales are held in your local area, then follow the venue’s social channels. If you’re from Birmingham, then Custard Factory is the one for you to look out for as various sample sales are held there often. I actually picked up this Reiss Jumper Dress at a recent sample sale reduced from £185 to £40! Also, keep your eye out for warehouse sales, outlet venues, or even just shopping events. Vendors at events will likely do daily deals as it means they don’t have to take as much stock back with them.

Save on Delivery Charges

This one is a big one for me, whether that be my big monthly food shop or to feed my forever clothing addiction. However, you’re probably not interested in my Tesco food shop, or maybe you are and that’s one for another post? So more importantly, let’s talk about clothes shopping. I am a huge fan of Premier Delivery! The deals which give you FREE next day delivery for a whole year with no minimum spend. This usually costs approx £9.99, but there’s a way to make this even cheaper! Most websites add the Premier Delivery package as an actual item to their store. Which means when they have a sitewide discount code, say 30% off – you can take advantage of this on your one-off premier charge!

Stephi Eliza Save Money Shopping

Look on eBay and Depop

There are tons of apps and marketplaces out there, but I am a huge fan of both eBay and Depop. If you look hard enough you will find a brilliant bargain. I once picked up a brand new Pull & Bear coat on Depop for £10 with free delivery! Look at whats ending soon, items with Buy it Now prices with the ‘or best offer’ tool switched on. Search terms like ‘New with Tags’ and don’t forget a lot of people, on Depop especially, add to their bio if they are open to offers. It’s common now for a lot of bigger brands to use eBay to sell off older stock or display items. I have noticed this mainly with shoe and clothing brands, so it’s always worth a look as sometimes you may get it cheaper than on the website due to delivery costs.

Stephi Eliza Save Money Shopping

If All Fails, Abandon Checkout

If every other avenue has failed you, you can’t find a discount code and you’re still not sure whether to buy.  Fill in your details then abandon your checkout for a couple of days. Not all but some brands, send individual discount codes to your email address for money-off the items in your basket. It’s usually around 10% but I have also received 15% off before too, so it’s always worth a try! If you don’t get an email and you haven’t already forgotten about the items in your basket, then at least you know you actually want them and weren’t about to waste money!


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