A Guide to Dressing Comfortably

Stephieliza Styling in Comfort

That feeling when you get back from work, immediately fling-off your clothes and get straight into your favourite loungewear. I don’t know about you, but I am a girl of comfort. I like to feel free, relaxed, comfortable. If I’m not leaving the house, you can guarantee I won’t be getting dressed up. Bra off, hair up, makeup removed – the just-got-home ritual. Sometimes you just want to feel that extra bit of comfort outside of the house, without having to compromise on style.

Stephieliza Styling in Comfort

This leopard print jumpsuit from Quiz is the holy grail of comfortable clothing. The long sleeves to keep you warm and culotte legs for pure comfort. Then there’s the easiest one-zip back and tummy-hiding clinched waist. Basically everything you need to go out for a huge burger or to just relax in the cinema for a couple of hours. Comfortably easy to throw on, but complete with the boldest of prints. So much leopard print in-fact, that you’ll feel like you’ve just stepped out of a Shania Twain music video. A bold print is a great way to make a relaxed outfit look a little more out-there in style.

So what makes the ultimate comfortable outfit? Let’s break this down into a few key points.

Stephieliza Styling in Comfort


First things first, no matter how comfortable your outfit is, it will only feel comfortable if you feel yourself in it. I know if I don’t feel good about myself in what I’m wearing, you will know too. I’ll be awkwardly pulling at my clothing and standing sheepishly. I love the idea of being able to pull off mom-jeans and comfy trainers, however, I just haven’t found myself in this style. Wear what makes you comfortable, in mind and body. If you’re consciously aware of feeling awkward, you will probably feel even more uncomfortable physically.

Stephieliza Styling in Comfort


Some of my favourite outfits to wear consist of tights, high-waisted midi skirts, waist belts, a top tucked in and an outer-layer of some kind. Whilst I love these outfits, they’re a nightmare to re-adjust after a trip to the ladies room. Layers overlapping everywhere! Sometimes, you just want something a little more…simple. A separate piece of clothing for each section of your skin. We have all been there, going to the toilet on a night out with a playsuit on. Having to hang up your cardigan, long necklaces and your belt that seamlessly pulled your outfit together.

Stephieliza Styling in Comfort


I know for me, the comfort of your feet is not to be messed with. If my feet hurt, then everything hurts. Wear shoes you know have your back, ones that can take you through the day without a single peep. I love a good chunky ankle boot with a small wedged heel. This is my go-to shoe, it makes me feel good to have that tiny bit of height but I don’t have to worry about aching feet or blisters.

Stephieliza Styling in Comfort


Finding that perfect in-between of a loose fitting outfit that also compliments your figure. Whilst I love how culottes fit for maximum comfort, I also love to team them with a more fitted top. I know for me, If I wear something baggy, I need to cinch in my waist to avoid feeling frumpy. Naturally, this is down to my personal woes – but this fits back into my first point of being yourself and feeling good. A good way of cinching in your waist without high-waisted clothing or a belt would be to wear a cropped jacket. This will break up the outfit, without making you feel restricted.


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