After Dark Cocktails At Grosvenor Casino

Grosvenor Casinos After Dark Cocktails

I was recently invited to take part in a cocktail masterclass with Broad Street’s Grosvenor Casino to try out their new After Dark Cocktail menu. Being a keen cocktail drinker myself I was excited! Actually, I was intrigued to see how Grosvenor Casino’s bar would compare to a standard drinks venue. So after walking down the stairs to enter the casino, I was surprised to see how big the venue was. Even more so when I noticed how spacious the bar alone was, making me wonder why I hadn’t been here sooner! After taking a look at the cocktail menu and spotting a new caramel take on my favourite, the Old Fashioned. I was excited to get involved and make my own.

Grosvenor Casinos After Dark Cocktails

The Menu

In short, the After Dark menu consists of 6 new cocktails. Each drink has been designed by a mixologist to have that late night edge. The cocktails are available to order from 10pm, offering a new experience for the later crowd. Perfect if you’re looking for an alternative night out experience with friends. Likewise, a perfect fit to slowly wind down with a few more drinks when you’re not quite ready to call the uber home. Grosvenor Casino also offers a great menu of yummy food which they also kindly let us taste – believe me when I say I was in carb heaven!

The Experience

Before we were let loose behind the bar. We were welcomed to try out all the new menu first so we could choose which of the drinks we wanted to make ourselves. Of course, I enjoyed every single flavour but obviously, my favourite was always going to be the Caramel Old Fashioned. I chose this as one of drinks to make and my attempt involved a lot of Whiskey. Mainly to fix the ratio of Bitters that clumsy me had flung into the glass moments before. The other drink I chose to make was the Apple-Flower Martini. A gin-based cocktail with elderflower flavours. My absolute favourite flavour to have with gin.

Grosvenor Casinos After Dark Cocktails

The Verdict

After a lovely evening of good grub, tasty cocktails and the company of fellow blogger Inside Laura’s Life. I was pleasantly surprised by how fun yet relaxed the atmosphere had been. I’d almost forgotten I was in the middle of busy Broad Street! I would definitely return to Grosvenor Casino. Whether you wanted to have a go on the machines, or just to stay at the bar with a Caramel Old Fashioned in hand. With a nice spacious venue and great atmosphere, it would make a fun night out overall!


Apple-Flower Martini – gin-based with an apple and floral flavour
Melon Zing – a zingy melon drink with an energising kick
Midnight Mule – ginger & lime with an unusual tequila twist
Dark Berry Bramble – a sweet & sour fruity combination
Caramel Old Fashioned – a sweeter take on the whiskey favourite
Mochatini – a chocolate twist on the Espresso Martini

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