Hair & Beauty

I brought myself a new toothbrush! The Fairywill 507 to be precise. As an avid manual toothbrush user, I’ve dabbled in the electric toothbrush world a couple of times. However, the charge time and the constant “where did I leave that bloody thing” just wasn’t for me. I’ve had and thrown away two barely-used electric toothbrushes in my life. The no-fuss disposable option just felt easier.

If you follow me on Instagram, you were probably expecting to see this post at some point. Ever since I first tried the Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks, they have rarely left my lips. Seriously, the formula is PERFECT! I apply it at around 8.00am and go about my day. After drinking copious amounts of coffee, a day of talking too much and eating not so lipstick-friendly foods. 6.00pm rolls around, and it's pretty much still intact. No re-applying needed. What an absolute dream! A massive thank you to the Pixi Beauty team for sending over this collection, including their 5 brand new shades. Honestly, I am over the moon! I have been such a huge fan of this product over the past year which can be seen throughout my Insta-feed. I've tried and tested these gems thoroughly enough, so it's only about time I do an honest review!

Growing and maintaining long healthy hair isn't always easy. All those awkward in-between stages we have to deal with throughout the hair growth journey are frankly, a bit of a nightmare. Trust me, I'm still trying to grow-out a stubborn regret of a fringe that I had cut in over a year ago now! However, over the years, I have mastered a bit of a routine which has worked for me. A handful of easy tips that I find myself always coming back to when I'm asked about my hair.