Saying Goodbye to my 40 Denier Comfort Zone

StephiEliza wearing star print New Look midi dress

StephiEliza wearing star print New Look midi dress

I know I shouldn’t moan, but I was nowhere near ready for this year’s heatwave! I was left having no clue what to wear, having breakdowns, flinging various items of clothing across the room every single morning. Walking to and back from work, and sitting in an office for 8 hours a day. The heat was unreal, and I did not own any suitable clothing. Was it really time to say goodbye to my 40 denier black tights? A comfort zone that I have safely stayed within the lines of for so so long.

Obviously, the thought of no tights completely scared me. Firstly, I’m very pale, so pale that I almost reflect the sun. I have grown to accept my never-tanning skin and because of this, I have never been one for bare legs. It makes me feel uncomfortable, what if everyone laughs at my milk bottle shins? No way would I stick to the maintenance of fake tanning for work, and don’t get me started on the upkeep on keeping those pins fuzz-free. And what about thighs? Bare-legged thighs are not even close to being friends, or maybe they are and that’s why they are so determined to stay so close together?

My lack of confidence, my black tights comfort zone and a mini dress wardrobe was holding me back from being comfortable.

StephiEliza wearing star print New Look midi dress

Hesitantly, I started looking at clothes I couldn’t have imagined ever suiting me. The clothes I loved on others but feared for myself. From here, I discovered that I actually liked myself in peg-leg trousers, and brought myself a black ankle grazing pair to ease me out of the dark side. I then ventured into midi skirts, 3/4 length culottes, and flowy jumpsuits. I was unstoppable, the thrill of leaving my comfort zone had finally got me trying out all different styles. Then, New Look brought out THE dress. The flowy but straight, the loose but hip-grazing, the comfortable yet flattering midi shirt dress. This has been a game changer for me! I have brought it in multiple patterns and colours, and no doubt will end up with more in the near future. It’s honestly very comfortable, and true to size!

I paired this star-print version with those western pointed ankle boots that I mentioned in my previous post. Along with my all-time favourite Whistles croc skin bag. The excitement of trying out new styles has given me an extra boost of confidence in myself. These photos were actually taken on my lunch break, so here I am in my full work glory. This is an outfit I would wear if I wanted to go out after work. It’s smart, comfortable, and a little bit different. So what do you think of this outfit? Do you find yourself sticking to a fashion comfort zone? Drop me a comment below!

Dress: New Look
Bag: Whistles
Boots: New Look (via Asos)
Glasses: Kylie Minogue from Specsavers

StephiEliza wearing star print New Look midi dress

See below for some of the other patterns and colours available in New Look!

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