Finding My Trouser Sense of Style with New Look

Tailored New Look Grey Trousers

So it’s that time of year again! It’s too cold to wear anything other than a duvet and I’ll slowly begin to turn into an oversized scarf over the next few months. If I’m honest, there was definitely a pile of outer-layers slumped on the floor behind these scenes. It’s probably time to admit defeat and wrap up. I’m already on dangerous fedora territory, close-calls of me running down the road after the wind had swiped my beloved hat right off my head. As someone who used to be TERRIFIED of wearing anything but dresses and tights, winter has never really been my favourite clothes season. However, I feel like I’ve finally broken out of my own fashion jail this year and I’m actually loving trousers right now.

Tailored New Look Grey Trousers

I actually can’t believe I’ve spent so much of my life scared of wearing trousers. The past month I’ve gone a little wild and made up for it. You may have already noticed from my recent pink trousers post, and after that, I even brought a Leopard print two-piece suit. There has been no stopping me! After breaking-free out of my comfort zone woes, the main thing for me was to always dress true to my style. This is what I always struggled with. I never quite felt like me when I tried on trousers. So I hid away in what I knew best; a pair of 40 den tights and a polka dot dress. This was basically my staple look. I mean, I love a good polka dot don’t get me wrong but this girl needed change (and warmth).

Naturally, I started trying out styles that the internet told me were right for my figure. I should avoid culottes, narrow legs and turn-ups. Don’t block off your legs with an ankle boot and run the hell away from any patterns. Basically, according to the web, there were no trousers out there for my 5’3 height and size 14 bum. Well, what a load of baloney! Of course, this made me internally cry my soul out in the middle of the changing room. I quickly realised that I actually liked myself in peg-legs, patterns, culottes, and all of the above with a pair of ankle boots. Oh and yes I turned-up my trouser legs. All these things made me feel good in a pair of trousers. Never trust these guides, every figure is different. So is our personal style and preference!

So then set on my new adventure, exploring the great depths of the big scary world of trousers. I found these super cute, and extremely affordable Tie Paperbag Waist Trousers from New Look. They come in pretty much any colour that you could imagine them in. I already have two pairs, black and these grey ones. Whilst writing this, I’ve just discovered a Herringbone version of them and you know I’ve already added them to my basket. They’re so comfortable to wear, easy to style and generally flattering. The best thing about not living in a dress for eternity? POCKETS. Seriously, it’s so good to finally have pockets at hand. The little things in life, am I right?

Tailored New Look Grey Trousers

I styled this pair with one of my favourite matching grey fedora hats, and a pair of pointy studded ankle boots. Then finished off with silver jewellery, because firstly I LOVE silver, and secondly it’s a dream paired with grey. Way back in my blonde days, grey was my favourite colour to wear. However, after going ginger, I avoided anything cool toned as I worried it would clash. I’m now banning myself from these un-written rules from this day forward, as I’m back on the grey hype and I’m loving it! So here we have it, from dress-addict to fully converted trouser wearer. What do you think of these New Look Tie Paperbag Trousers?


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Tailored New Look Grey Trousers

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