Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lip – My Favourite Lipstick

Pixi Beauty Mattelast Liquid Lip

If you follow me on Instagram, you were probably expecting to see this post at some point. Ever since I first tried the Pixi Beauty MatteLast Liquid Lipsticks, they have rarely left my lips. Seriously, the formula is PERFECT! I apply it at around 8.00am and go about my day. After drinking copious amounts of coffee, a day of talking too much and eating not so lipstick-friendly foods. 6.00pm rolls around, and it’s pretty much still intact. No re-applying needed. What an absolute dream!

A massive thank you to the Pixi Beauty team for sending over this collection, including their 5 brand new shades. Honestly, I am over the moon! I have been such a huge fan of this product over the past year which can be seen throughout my Insta-feed. I’ve tried and tested these gems thoroughly enough, so it’s only about time I do an honest review!

Pixi Beauty Mattelast Liquid LipThe new shades are Bare Beauty, Peony Pink, Orange Red, Real Red, and Berry Boost. I’m mostly excited by Bare Beauty because who doesn’t love a good nude lip? As well as Orange Red, because those brick-toned reds are my kind of reds! Out of the original shades, my daily go-to was always Matte Beige. This is the perfect ‘your lip but better’ shade. A warm nude which looks great through all seasons and with any makeup style. I usually apply this over the top of the NYX Sand Beige retractable lip liner and that’s me done for the day!

I’ve not experienced any drying out or bitty-lipstick horrors which usually come with a liquid lipstick. The formula is both hydrating and creamy due to being infused with rosehip oil but still dries to a long-lasting matte finish. The applicator is a soft teardrop shape, perfect for following the curves of the lip!

Pixi Beauty Mattelast Liquid Lip

Look at that Orange Red swatch! It’s so solid and bold! Honestly, my experience so far with the original shades has been nothing but positive. I literally rave about this product to anyone who will listen. My one and only worry, and I know I’m not alone here, is how the Berry Boost shade will hold up. As you can see this swatch is not as strong as the other shades, but this is natural with darker berry tones. Before applying this shade, I’ll bring my lip liner closer-in to my lips, almost all over, then apply the shade over the top. So you have a darker base prepped with product for the colour to cling on to. I’m actually really excited to try this shade out, it’s such a winter tone!

Excitingly, Pixi Beauty sent a couple of pots of colour, so I could make my own shade of MatteLast Liquid lip! This was so fun (and oh so messy!). I mixed my shade using mostly brown, with little bits of red, yellow and white. The result was this deep plum brown, a perfect shade for Autumn evenings! If I was to name this shade, I mean why not? I would probably call it Very Vamp. I think that’s quite fitting? Maybe I’ll wear this for Halloween this year. What do you think of my shade, would you wear it?Pixi Beauty Mattelast Liquid Lip

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