Wrap Tops, Because I’m Not Quite Ready To Wrap Up

StephiEliza Wrap Top

This week, I have pretty much tortured myself. Let’s be honest, it’s coat weather. BUT, I have lots of new cute rust-coloured blouses to wear first. I may have had my brolly dramatically ripped inside out, leaving a giant hole and metal stuck to my hair the other day but I’m still not having it. I’ve taken to wearing a scarf out instead. Guiltily sneaking out the door in the morning, avoiding looking at my rows of coats in the buttons. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting cosy. Autumn is my absolute favourite! I’m just not sure that I’m ready to be cold yet (yeah I know, not wearing a coat does that too).

Seems as Summer is over, I went on a hunt for new blouses. I found some lovely rust-coloured gems from Primark, this being my favourite! I’m such a fan of the wrap style, especially in blouses. They just seem to cinch-in the right places. You can also wear them with high-waisted clothing without having to worry about tucking-in your top or having your back get cold. See, I’m being practical in other ways! Immediately, I was drawn to the amount of material for the bow on this top. It wraps around the body and still has enough to drape down after you’ve tied it in a bow. I’m always a little wary of wearing these kinds of colours as they do blend in with my hair a little, but I just loved the style too much.

StephiEliza Wrap Top

Shockingly, I teamed this with a pair of BLUE Joni Jeans. I bet you thought you’d never see the day where I wasn’t wearing some form of black (or mustard?). A print that isn’t polka dot too. Who am I and what did I do with actual me?! I have always joked that I must have been a domino in a previous life because this girl owns a hella’ lot of polka dot. Seriously though, I used to be scared of any other print as I worried it looked too busy against my tattoos. But, as a part of learning to love myself, I have booted my clothing woes to the curb. I even brought a pair of pink trousers this week too, there is no stopping me right now!


Primark Floral Wrap Top
Topshop Blue Joni Jeans

StephiEliza Wrap TopStephiEliza Wrap Top

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